Trip to Italy and Switzerland

My family is so wonderful. They helped make it possible for me to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams and visit Italy over spring break. I stayed in Milan and Lake Como for 4 nights each, with day trips to Venice and Lake Lugano Switzerland!

Naturally, I ate some really amazing food while I was in Europe as part of my farewell tribute to my stomach. Exactly 3 months from now, my stomach will be gone, so let the food pics commence!

Day 1: Salmon and artichokes in Milan Galleria 



My first Italian gelato, also in the galleria on the first night (tiramisu flavor)


First pizza and first wine in Italy! (Also my first legal drink!)


Fabulous latte in Milan


€2 in the supermarket


Spontini in Milan: best pizza I had the entire trip


Yummy sangria on the Navigli Canal


Spaghetti with Pecorino cheese and bacon


Early morning cappuccino



White wine in Venice…. Phenomenal.


Fresh mussels and shrimp in Venice


Piña coladas! #treatyoself


Tried black pasta in Venice (cuttlefish ink!) and liked it!!


 This guy made his own wine! So many kinds to choose from, and he just filled up whatever container you gave him with your choice of wine! Great find!


First afternoon in Lake Como! #treatyoself


First panini, where I discovered, patte, a black olive spread. I brought some home with me!


Smoked salmon and cream sauce penne in Switzerland


Italian ice and coconut gelato


The fruits of our labor from our cooking class in Bellagio! Ravioli, gnocchi, and pasta with veal sauce.


The best tiramisu I’ve ever eaten and I just so happened to make it from scratch!


Last gelato of the trip! So sad 😦


Last night in Italy: Miami Iced Tea. Last legal drink for 2 more months. So sad I could cry! Haha


5 thoughts on “Trip to Italy and Switzerland

  1. This looks awesome! Right before surgery we were planning a summer trip to Italy, and now you’ve inspired me to look at airfare again! Looks like you ‘did it right’ on this trip 😉 Don’t worry– those two months til the next legal drink will fly by

  2. Awesome! Steve, you started something wonderful, farewell stomach tours! Farewell stomach tour Italy and Switzerland edition completed. Next up – Japan and Ontario edition. Haha.

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